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KoЯn is an American heavy metal band formed in Bakersfield, California, in 1993. The current band line up includes four members: Jonathan Davis, James "Munky" Shaffer, Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu, and Ray Luzier. The band was formed after L.A.P.D. (a band consisting of 3 members that have been with KoЯn).

KoЯn formed in 1993, the same year they released their first demo album, Neidermeyer's Mind. The album featured the two ex-members of KoЯn, Brian "Head" Welch and David Silveria. Their debut album, KoЯn was released in 1994, where they featured the same musicians that had performed on Neidermeyer's Mind. The band began recording Life Is Peachy in April 1996, and released it on October 15, 1996. Follow the Leader is recognized as KoЯn's mainstream breakthrough, peaking #1 on the Billboard 200 in 1998, along with the following album, Issues in 1999 The band released Untouchables on June 11, 2002, and later released Take a Look in the Mirror November 21, 2003, both peaking in the top 10 of the Billboard 200. Their first compilation album, peaked #4 on the Billboard 200. See You on the Other Side was released on December 6, 2005, and KoЯn's untitled album was released nearly 2 years later on July 27, 2007, KoЯn III: Remember Who You Are has been proposed by the band that it may be released in early 2010. KoЯn currently has 33 singles and 17 of which have charted. The band has had 6 video albums and 32 music videos.

To date, KoЯn has sold 16.5 million albums in the U.S. while earning six Grammy nominations—two of which they have won (for "Freak on a Leash" and "Here to Stay").

Ubisoft reported in October that "KoЯn has written and recorded an original song inspired by Ubisoft's "Haze" video game, simply entitled "Haze", which was released on April 22, 2008. As a first in the video game industry, "Haze" will be released and promoted as a full-fledged single and music video, not just as an exclusive download with the video game.

KoЯn also released a new live DVD, KoЯn: Live in Montreux 2004, one of their performances with former guitarist Brian Welch on May 12, 2008. Additionally, a second greatest hits compilation titled, "Playlist: The Very Best of KoЯn" was released on April 29, 2008.

On February 12, 2009, KoЯn announced they were playing at the Rock Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin, as well as the 3rd annual Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio. Later on, the band were confirmed for the Download Festival taking place in the UK, sub-headlining to Faith No More, as well as the simultaneous German festivals Rock am Ring and Rock im Park.

In 2009, KoЯn (Jonathan Davis playing drums, Fieldy on bass and Munky on guitar) appeared in Lil Wayne's "Prom Queen" music video.

It was also revealed that drummer Ray Luzier was now an official full time member of KoЯn, and that he is writing for the new album also.

In a recent Interview with Ross Robinson, he stated that this will be his third KoЯn album and that the album was going to be ruthless and remind everyone who can kill them. Also in response to the question "Will KoЯn be returning to their roots" Robinson replied: "What roots? They have Bakersfield and I have Barstow – we really don't want to go back there. If 'roots' is to destroy and wake people from sleep walking through life, then yes." Ross also mentioned that if he had to sign any unsigned band to his record label it would be KoЯn, since they are unsigned right now. It has also been revealed by Ross that Munky and Fieldy are already in the studio writing material for the new album.

In a YouTube video in May, Fieldy talked about the "Chi Song" project he was putting together (released as A Song for Chi) which was released recently to raise money for Deftones bassist Chi Cheng who was in a car crash in late 2008, which resulted in him falling into a coma. Fieldy revealed that Slipknot guitarist Jim Root, Clint Lowery of Sevendust, drummer Dave McClain of Machine Head and former KoЯn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, would be one of the many musicians playing on the song. This was the first time Head has played with any of his former bandmates since his departure in 2005.

Jonathan has recently stated that after the band finish the "Escape from the Studio Tour" in the fall of 2009, he will be able to go into the studio and start writing and recording on the songs fellow members Fieldy, Munky, and Ray have already written. He went on to state after that the band can pretty much add to the songs and fix the cracks then let Ross go through them, and the album will start coming together fast and should be aiming for an early 2010 release date. KoЯn have recently used a teaser for their new 2010 album release on their website.

Ross recently revealed via Twitter that "I just finished up recording two new tracks with KoЯn with the band back underway on work for their next album.

Recording of the album is complete and a April/May 2010 release is in the planning stages.

On January 20, 2010 it was announced on the Mayhem Festival's official website that KoЯn will be headlining the 2010 Mayhem Festival alongside Rob Zombie, Lamb of God, and Five Finger Death Punch.

However, soon after this announcement, the rockstarmayhem's YouTube channel released a video featuring a song from the new album titled, "My Time". In less than an hour, it was abruptly removed and efforts were then made by KoЯn's representatives to stop the leak that began spreading quickly over various social and KoЯn fansites. Ross Robinson later stated on his Twitter that the leak was "rough mix" that was missing guitar parts and vocal fixes. Rumor began to circulate that the song would be cut from the album. When asked via Twitter to confirm this rumor, Robinson stated that it would be on the album.

On March 15, 2010 in the announcement of the Ballroom Blitz Tour, the title for the new album was named as "KoЯn III: Remember Who You Are".

On March 23, 2010, Munky announced that KoЯn is officially signed to Roadrunner Records.

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